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Bella Flair

...where beauty & design meet to celebrate your special event

Photo Gallery

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Set Design Set Design Giant Mardi Gras Mask Giant mask mounted on table so you could see two people sitting from each opening as they interact with the crowd. 74658295 Tragedy & Comedy Masks Giant Tragedy & Comedy masks as backdrops for Mardi Gras themed decorations 74658298 French Quarter Balcony Decoration Ticket booth decorated as a French Quarter Balcony during Mardi Gras 75065711 Christmas Set - Santa's House Picture time with santa on custom-made upholstered Santa chair, candy cane barriers and tree 74658297 Halloween Set - Cemetery Scary Cemetary environment served as photo back drop for Hallooween party 75071890 Halloween Set - Dracula's Castle Dracula's Castle served as a back drop for photos for Halloween party 75061168 Halloween Set - Witches' Lair Back drop w/giant cauldron where people sat for photos, witch in background, black cat perched on cauldron & spider balloon sculpture in back 75074530 Tiki Hut w/Flowers & Grass Booth transformed into Tiki Hut w/bamboo, raffia wraps & surfboard sculpture 80088945 Halloween -- Haunted Mansion Set design consisting of dead bride in the window, flying ghost, scary portrait 117047638 Halloween -- Haunted Mansion Finished set design of haunted mansion flanked with two balloon sculptures on either side 117047637